The Transmission Service Provider in Shreveport, LA That You Can Give Your Full Trust

It doesn’t matter if it you own a brand new or a pre-owned vehicle, cars must be maintained well, especially its transmission. But no matter how you take good care of it, there will be times that it will need the service of a mechanic. If you’re living in Shreveport, LA, the reliable auto shop you can visit is Coburn's Transmissions. We are the transmission service provider in the area that can provide the exact needs of your vehicle.

Automatic Transmission Experts

Automatic Transmission Experts

Transmission Repair

Damaged car transmission is probably the most unfortunate event that could ever happen to a car owner while driving on their way to a long trip. If you opt for a repair instead of replacing it, we can provide repairs at a rate that will meet your budget by providing you our service estimates.

Differential Repair

Once transmission starts to fail, bring your car to us as soon as possible. We only use the right auto repair tools, equipment, and parts when doing this task to avoid aggravating the damage.

Muffler Repair

We pride ourselves of the expertise and experience of our auto repair mechanics since they also possess the skills in repairing mufflers. But before we start, we will be asking you first about the style and design of muffler you want us to use in case the current one you have is no longer repairable.

Custom Mufflers

If you are planning to customize the look of your muffler, you can count on us. The parts and materials we use to achieve the look that you desire are all coming from well-known distributors and manufacturers to ensure that it will fit the car’s specifications.

Custom Transmission

More than just providing repairs, we also possess the expertise in customizing transmissions. We guarantee you that once our service is through, your car will surely have a smooth shifting of gears.

If you reside in Shreveport, LA and are looking for experts that can do the transmission repairs, Coburn's Transmissions is the company you should trust. To know more about our company and how we deliver our service, give us a call at (318) 686-5062. We also serve the areas of Keithville LA.

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